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The maps
The cycle of the vineyard
The year of the wine grower

Vineyard of Sancerre
Geologic cutting Sancerre
Vineyard of Menetou Salon
Geologic cutting Menetou Salon


NOVEMBER to MARCH : The wintry rest.
The vineyard lost its leaves and is in its rest period.


APRIL: The "tears" of the vineyard.
In mid­April, the sap starts to appear at the end of the stems, which were cut towards the end of the winter; they are called the "tears". According to the soil and the type of control of the vine chosen, each stock will lose a few litres of sap.


MAY : The "débourrement".
Towards the beginning May the blossoming of the buds occurs; it is the "débourrement". The young shoots, of a soft green, appear then and the leafing accelerates as soon as the ground warms itself. 


JUNE : The inflorescence.
Following the period of growth of the branches and the sheets, the foliage develop, then appear small bunches with tiny buttons which will grow bigger and become flowers. It conditions the date of the grape harvests (100 days later).
The Flowering.
The flowers appear towards mid­June and last from ten to twenty days during which the vine is very vulnerable to freezing. 


AUGUST : The growth.
During the summer, each grape grows in volume without any important change in its chemical composition, if not slight increase in its acidity. 


AUGUST – SEPTEMBER : Ripening and maturation.
In general, in mid­August the skin of the grape starts to change color: of green dark, it becomes, according to type of vine, greenish white, gilded, orange or purplish. It is the beginning of the maturation itself, during which the grain will continue to grow bigger. The maturity of the grain of grape corresponds to the balance between the maximum output of sugar which it can contain versus the degree of acidity.


OCTOBER – NOVEMBER : The fall of leaves.
Leaves change color and fall. The vineyard enters the phase of vegetative rest.