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The cycle of the vineyard
The year of the wine grower

Vineyard of Sancerre
Geologic cutting Sancerre
Vineyard of Menetou Salon
Geologic cutting Menetou Salon


NOVEMBER to MARCH : The cutting.
It aims at mastering the production of grapes, at maintaining the vegetative balance of the plant and at insuring its longevity. It is the delicate operation which asks of the observation and the judgment by considering various factors bound to the vine, to the ground and to the climate.  
The cutting used in Centre­Loire is a cutting "simple Guyot". Although improved by pneumatic and electric tools the cutting remains long and painful and influences enormously the returns to come who must be mastered to obtain quality wines.
The burning of vine shoots.
It consists in collecting the cut vine shoots and in burning them. Less practised than formerly in the big exploitations, this technique can be replaced by the grinding and the burying of vine shoots in the ground 


MARCH : The manuring of fertilizers.
The vineyard house on the same plot of land during forty years and more. It is thus
necessary to restore to its ground the fertilizing elements removed by the harvests. The contribution of fertilizer, reasoned, allows the vineyard to develop its vegetation, its fruits, and to fight against the diseases and the frost.
The "débuttage".
This plowing consists in loosening the foot of the stump by pouring the ground by the middle of the row. it allows to bury weed and to facilitate the aeration of the ground and the penetration of rainwater. 


MAY : The first treatments.
The wine grower will be brought to make treatments which are spread out of the spring till the end of the summer, to fight against the diseases of the vineyard provoked by mushrooms, and more rarely viruses and bacteria. 


JUNE : The "accolage".
The vineyards of Centre­Loire are paled up. It is thus advisable to attach twigs kept in the cutting on wires. 


JULY - AUGUST : The "rognage".
We cut the extremity of the vine branches which do not stop pushing and absorbing of this fact a good part of the nourishing materials intended for grapes. 


The date of the grape harvests depends on the maturity of grapes. It is advisable to collect mature and healthy grapes. The maturity is followed since August by the wine grower and the wine technicians. It allows to determine precisely the optimal date of the grape harvest. 


NOVEMBER-DECEMBER : The "buttage".
It is the plowing which must be ended before the big colds and which consists in returning the ground at feet of stumps, which will so be protected winter frosts.